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Avoid Tickets From Red Light Cameras & Speed Cameras

GPS Angel is an accurate red light camera detector & speed camera detector.

GPS Angel uses accurate satellite technology to determine your vehicle’s current position and compares it to an on-board database of thousands of known red light camera locations & speed camera locations in the United States and Canada and alerts you when you're near one. See how it works.

Don't take any chances. Get GPS Angel - the best red light camera radar detector & speed camera radar detector. You'll drive safer, avoid red light & speeding tickets, and protect your license. GPS Angel starts at only $49 - hundreds of dollars less than radar detectors with GPS capabilities - making it the most affordable red light camera & speed camera detector on the market.

Typical red light camera tickets & speed camera tickets are more than $300.
GPS Angel pays for itself after helping you avoid just one ticket!

GPS Angel includes free access to the Patriot Camera Database - the #1 national red light camera locations and speed camera locations POIs database. Your purchase also includes free unlimited updates to these camera maps at no additional charge.

Here are just some of the red light camera maps & speed camera maps in the GPS Angel database: New York City, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles Area, Phoenix Area, San Francisco / San Jose / Oakland, San Diego, Seattle, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Atlanta, and Houston.

Includes free unlimited database updates using your PC and an Internet connection.
Other GPS radar detectors charge over $100 per year for updates - GPS Angel updates are FREE!

Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee - Learn More

Conventional radar detectors are not effective warning systems for red light & speed cameras. GPS red light camera locators & speed camera locators are accurate and legal, help you avoid tickets and protect your license. See what our satisfied customers are using to protect themselves every day from expensive red light tickets and speeding tickets from red light cameras & speed cameras.

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